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Know Before You Buy!

Before you make the significant decision to purchase a home, you want to know the condition of the property you’re buying. Star Home Inspections LLC is committed to helping you get to know the ins and outs of your home so you can move forward in the home buying process with ease. As a homeowner, a maintenance inspection is a valuable tool for knowing how your home functions and what preventative measures to take to ensure it remains in top condition.

Star Home Inspections has over two decades of experience in residential construction and a solid  understanding of your home, from foundation to finish. Protect your investment and your peace of mind with an inspection from a locally owned and operated company that sets the gold star standard in service. Star Home Inspections brings a strong attention to detail, courtesy, and unparalleled professionalism to each home inspection.

Thorough Inspections, Detailed Reports

A comprehensive home inspection is an objective evaluation of the physical components, major systems, and structure of your home. The inspection will cover the positive aspects of your home’s condition and identify potential deficiencies and areas to improve. A thorough, digital inspection report will be available for viewing from anywhere on your phone, tablet, or computer within 24 hours of your inspection. The report is easy to navigate and offers concise narratives and hi-res photographs of defects needing to be addressed.

Star Home Inspections’ unique report also utilizes HomeGauge’s state-of-the-art home inspection software and features the convenience of a Create Request List™. The CRL™ allows you to create a punch list from your inspection report to be uploaded to your repair addendum. This interactive list can be modified by realtors and homeowners and promotes communication and efficiency during real estate negotiations.

Should you have questions about your home at any point during the inspection process, Star Home Inspections is always available to assist you with your needs.   

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Star Home Inspections serves the communities of northern Idaho, including Moscow, Lewiston, Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Post Falls and eastern Washington, including Clarkston, Pullman, Spokane.

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